Lawrence has made numerous speaking and media appearance in person and on television and radio.  Lawrence is available to speak to your group about any number of topics:

Local / Regional History:

  • Milton Hershey’s Family Histoy
  • Civil War General John Fulton Reynolds
  • A Pennsylvania Mennonite and the California Gold Rush
  • The Pennsylvania Relations of Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Families and History of the Mahantongo Valley
  • The Patriots of Hain’s Church
  • Knorr Family History
  • The Baseball Career of Carl Scheib

Business and Economics:

  • Entrepreneurship — How to Start a Business in the Digital Age
  • Comparative Economic and Political Systems
  • Current Trends in Economics
  • The Importance of Personal Responsibility

Book Publishing:

  • Current Trends in Book Publishing
  • How to Self-Publish
  • How to Start an Independent Press
  • The Key Elements of Book Design
  • How to Create eBooks Quickly and Inexpensively

Information Technology and Project Management:

  • Project Management
  • Agile IT – Scrum
  • Current Trends in Information Technology
  • Getting Business Value from IT




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