Gettysburg Eddie: The Story of Eddie Plank

Who is the winningest left-handed pitcher in Philadelphia baseball history? Who is the winningest left-handed pitcher in American League history? Who is third in wins all-time among left-handed starters? Who threw more shutouts than any left-handed pitcher in baseball history? Few know the answer is Edward Stewart Plank, also known as “Gettysburg” Eddie.

Born in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, only a dozen years after the bloody Civil War battle, Eddie grew up on a farm and was a late-bloomer. By his early twenties, he was a local star on the town ball team and enrolled in the Gettysburg Academy in order to pitch for the Gettysburg College team. Soon after, Connie Mack from the Philadelphia Athletics in the newly-formed American League came calling and the rest is history.

Eddie Plank was the mainstay of Connie Mack’s early success from 1901 through 1914. Plank’s unorthodox delivery and pinpoint control brought him consistent results. While others out-pitched him during individual seasons, “Steady-Eddie” provided Mack excellence year after year while others came and went.

Gettysburg Eddie chronicles the life of this clean-living baseball superstar who worked hard, saved his money, and was always the perfect gentleman. Said Mack upon hearing of Eddie’s premature death in 1926, “I feel like a father must feel who has lost a son.”


The BANG Story: From the Basement to the Bright Lights

In  the summer of 1971, BANG, a trio from the Philadelphia area, decided to take a road trip to Florida to try their fortune. While buying some rolling papers in the Sunshine State, they learned about a Small Faces and Deep Purple concert nearby in Orlando. They showed up at the venue and brazenly declared they were ready to go on stage.  The concert organizer asked them to set up and play for him. After a couple songs, he told them they were opening for Rod Stewart and Small Faces. Before they knew it, BANG was playing with Bachman Turner Overdrive, Deep Purple, Three Dog Night, Fleetwood Mac, Ike and Tina Turner, The Doobie Brothers, and even Black Sabbath. Capitol Records signed them, and three LPs were released. Join Frank Ferrara, Tony Diorio, and Frankie Gilcken, as they recall their rapid rise to fame, playing with numerous Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.


Keystone Tombstones Battle of Gettysburg (with Joe Farrell and Joe Farley)

Biographies of famous people buried in Pennsylvabia who participated in the Battle of Gettysburg are the focus of this localized edition of Keystone Tombstones. Farrell and Farley have combed Pennsylvania to bring you the most entertaining tales about interesting people buried in Pennsylvania. Included in this volume:

  • John Burns
  • Gettysburg National Cemetery
  • Amos Humiston
  • Ginnie Wade
  • Andrew Gregg Curtin
  • James Buchanan
  • Simon Cameron
  • John White Geary
  • John Fulton Reynolds
  • Thaddeus Stevens
  • George Meade
  • Samuel W Crawford
  • Oliver B Knowles
  • Herman Haupt
  • Samuel K Zook
  • Dennis O’Kane
  • Winfield Scott Hancock
  • Strong Vincent
  • Alfred L Pearson



Wonder Boy: The Story of Carl Scheib – The Youngest Player in American League History

Carl Scheib, from Gratz, PA, was a young farm boy of 16 who was signed to a major league contract by Connie Mack of the Philadelphia Athletics. Carl enjoyed 11 years in the major leagues, interrupted by his service in World War II. When he made his first appearance in 1943, he was the youngest player in modern major league history. The following season, Joe Nuxhall of the National League’s Cincinnati Reds, pitched 2/3 of an inning at age 15, breaking Carl’s major league record, but Carl retained his American League record.

Known as a good-hitting pitcher, Carl hit .396 in 1951 and .298 in 1948. He hit five home runs in his career, including a grand slam.

As a pitcher, Carl was a key hurler on the 1948 Philadelphia Athletics, going 14-8 during a tight pennant race. He also went 11-7 in 1952, and saved 11 games in 1951. Behind his “pitch- to-contact” approach, the A’s set the all-time record for double plays in a season with 217 in 1949, a record that still stands.

Wonder Boy chronicles the rapid raise of Carl Scheib from his high school days at Gratz and his contributions to Dalmatia in the West Branch League, to his subsequent major league career, facing such players as Joe DiMaggio, Bill Dickey, Ted Williams, Yogi Berra, Bobby Doerr, Satchel Paige, Bob Lemon, Larry Doby, Bob Feller, Luke Appling, Early Wynn, Mickey Mantle and many more.


A Pennsylvania Mennonite and the California Gold Rush

David Baer Hackman (1827-1896) a Mennonite from Millport, Lancaster County, PA, traveled west to California in 1850, seeking his fortune during the great Gold Rush. David wrote many letters home concerning his crossing of the plains by wagon and his many detailed experiences in and around the gold fields of California. A vivid writer for such a young man, David captures images of the mining communities, the boom towns of Sacramento, Ringgold, Hangtown (Placerville), Mokelumne Hill, Columbia, Yankee Hill and Sonora and the lawlessness found there, including hangings and barfights. He writes of early San Francisco, the Lick Estate near Alveso, the local Indians, trouble with bears, and the great trees of Calaveras County. His journal then captures his return trip in 1854 by steam ship to Panama, across the Isthmus and then to New York City. He describes Acapulco divers, early Panama City, Gorgona and Aspinwall (Colon). He describes in detail life aboard steamships including the Pacific mail ship SS Golden Gate and the Atlantic steamer North Star. Lawrence Knorr presents the journal and letters in sequence along with their historical context, providing corroborating accounts where available. In all, an excellent primary source and piece of social history from one of the most exciting times in American history.



Modern Realism According to Fritz – The Oil Paintings of Fritz VonderHeiden

No one has painted urban Harrisburg as often as Fritz VonderHeiden (b. 1934). His style, developed over many decades, calls to mind Edward Hopper, but in a reductionist, minimalist way. His best urban works feel sterile and monolithic, emphasizing the geometry of road, architecture and the natural world in a compelling composition of curves, color, and structure. They exemplify the energy of the 20th Century, harkening back with Art Deco elements.

Fritz did not always paint this way. His earlier works – and some of his award-winning paintings – are more detailed, calling to mind Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent. His range of subjects is also varied, from the urban settings mentioned to country landscapes, lighthouses, portraits, still lifes and even surreal imaginings.

This book contains images of 127 of Fritz’s paintings in all of his categories: Scenes of Harrisburg, Scenes of the Greater Harrisburg Area, Portraits, Groups, and Figures, Landscapes and Lighthouses, and Still Lifes and Wildlife. All help celebrate the long career of this prolific painter, capturing his mastery of 20th Century Modern Realism.


The Relations of Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower had many direct ancestors who lived in the Susquehanna Valley area of Pennsylvania and eastward. This volume tracks the former president’s lineage back to Germany and England and focuses on those descendants from the lines who lived in Pennsylvania. Over 3500 relations are detailed, including the Matters, Rombergers, Eisenhauers, Boones, Millers and many more.


The Decendents of Hans Peter Knorr

Lawrence Knorr reveals, in this 280 page tome, the origins of the Knorr family of southeastern Pennsylvania. Knorr traces the family from its patriarch, Hans Peter Knorr of Altfeld, Bavaria, near Wertheim. Knorr arrived in Philadelphia in the mid 1700’s and became, in a very short time, a landowner in the Barren Hill area (near Germantown), Heidelberg Township, Berks County, the City of Reading, and after the French & Indian War – 300 acres in the Mahantango Valley. Knorr also surmises connections to the Knights Templar Knorrs of Rusteberg in Thuringia in earlier centuries.

It is in the Mahantango Valley — nestled among the corners of Dauphin, Schuylkill and Northumberland County, where the Knorrs thrived from the 1800’s to the present day. Several members of the family were cabinetmakers, participating in the prized art of Mahantango furniture. Knorr’s ancestor is then traced back to Berks County during the Civil War, and then to the present day. Many other branches of Knorrs and related names are listed – including many families who went West in various migrations.

In all, over 3000 related individuals are mentioned, from the late 1600’s to present. Prominent names include Brossman, Brown, Castor, Dunkelberger, Erdman, Fetterolf, Haupt, Hornung, Kelly, Klinger, Knorr, Maurer, Mervine, Moyer, Paul, Reifsnyder, Seifert, Shroyer, Snyder, Spangler, Speicher, Starr, Stiehly/Stiely/Steeley, Swope & Wert.


The Hackman Story (with Dorothy Elaine Grace)

The Hackman Story: The Descendants of Henry Hackman of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Dorothy Elaine Hackman Grace compiled the original version of “The Hackman Story” in 1976 for her cousins, neices, nephews and children. Lawrence Knorr was a recipient of one of these comb-bound volumes, triggering his interest in genealogy and family history. ‘Elaine’ passed in 1999, and Lawrence has since updated the book based on correspondence between the two and Lawrence’s subsequent research. This book details the history of the Hackman family, Mennonites who emigrated from Ibersheim, near Worms, Germany, and settled in Lancaster County near Lititz and Manheim. Much more than just genealogical information, this book contains many anecdotes, including early farm life, the first airplane and automobile seen in Millport, near Manheim, life at Elizabethown College from the 30’s to the 60’s, and events at various Churches of the Brethren.


General John Fulton Reynolds – His Biography, Words & Relations (with Michael Riley and Diane Watson)

General John Fulton Reynolds, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was the consummate tragic figure of war – the dashing young general on his horse, leading his men into the fray – men with whom he shared a mutual respect only felt when engaging in a higher purpose. His final act on the Gettysburg stage was to choose the right ground to defend and to place his men into position – decisions that ultimately led to the union victory and his own fate. To do such a great man justice, Sunbury Press and editor Lawrence Knorr have compiled three great works by other authors: “For God Sakes Forward!” – Michael A Riley’s biography. “Reynolds – The Last Six Miles” – Diane E Watson’s accounting of the final movements and moments in the general’s life. “Reynolds – His Own Words Before Gettysburg” – Diane E Watson’s collection of letters and quotes from and about John Reynolds. In addition, Lawrence has added his own “Relations of John Fulton Reynolds” – over 200 pages of Reynolds, Lefevre, Ferree, Landis & Moore family history. In total, the life of John Reynolds is shown from numerous perspectives and dimensions, from his own accomplishments to lists of his extended family and extensive relations. This book contains numerous vintage photographs.


The Relations of Isaac F Stiely – Minister of the Mahantongo Valley 

The Reverend Isaac Faust Stiely (or Stiehly) (1800-1869) lived most of his life in the Mahantongo Valley at the convergence of Schuylkill, Northumberland and Dauphin Counties. He was born in Berks County, near Reading, and was a congregant at Hain’s church near Wernersville. He became the pastor for a number of young families that emigrated from Berks to settle in the Mahantongo Valley. They helped to establish the Reformed Church at Rough and Ready, also known as Herb’s or Salem Church. The family most closely tied to the Stiely’s were the Knorr’s. Isaac married Anna Knorr and settled on the lands of his father-in-law, Peter Knorr. Author/researcher Lawrence Knorr provides background on the Knorr lands and the Stiely’s assimilation. The Stiely mills are detailed along with many vintage maps and photographs. Nearly a thousand relations of Isaac and Anna are also detailed.


There is Something About Rough and Ready – A History of the Village at the Heart of the Mahantongo Valley (with Steve E Troutman, Elaine Moran, Cindy Baum, Christine Hipple & Jeanne Adams)

The little village of Rough and Ready in Upper Mahantongo Township, Schuylkill County, PA is set in the center of the Mahantongo Valley, famous for its Pennsylvania Dutch culture — especially the painted furniture.  This book focuses on the social history of the village, anchored by information from the 1850 census and Salem Reformed Church cemetery records.  This was the famous Isaac F Stiehly’s church and most of the families mentioned were in his congregation.  The book contains hundreds of photos, most over 100 years old, of life in the Valley.
Table of Contents:
The Origins of Rough and Ready
The 1850 Census in Upper Mahantongo Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
The Old Man
Knorr and Stiely Connections
The Monroe and Harvey Stiely Mill
Maurers of the Mahantongo Valley
Manasses Maurer Family
Caroline Gonser, Indian Maiden of Creek Town, Rough and Ready, Upper Mahantongo Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
Steve Rebuck Visits the Mahantongo Valley 24th August, 2010
Daniel A. Maurer Homestead and Stine’s Hotel at Rough & Ready, PA
The Maurer Blacksmiths of Hepler
The Daniel Klinger Ramberger Family
Ancestors of the Rambergers
Jacob Ramberger (1802-1854) md. Catherine Klinger (1802-1871)
A Visit to the Jacob and Clara Ramberger Farm, June 18, 2011
Jacob and Clara Ramberger Farm Painting by Leroy Drumheller
Ramberger Anecdotes
Rough and Ready Band – 1906
Zerfings School, 1907
Ramberger Photo Gallery
Ramberger Conclusion
Henry Ramberger of Rough and Ready
The Gold Mine in the Leck Bush near Rough and Ready, PA
The Herb Family of Rough and Ready
Something About Rough and Ready and the Emergency Militia Henry B. Clark – Farmer and Defender of Freedom
Indians in Rough and Ready along Beisel’s Run
Beisel Homestead near Rough and Ready
Erdman Family History
Indian Incursions in the Mahantongo Valley
On the Baums, Herbs and Schlegels
Frederick Stein Schwalm: Civil War Veteran, Justice of the Peace, Molly Maguire Jury Member
Something about the Heplers
Something about the Bensingers
Something about the Wolfgangs
George and Elizabeth Wolfgang
The Story of My Life by Bessie May Schadel Bowman
Klingers in the 1850 Census
Snyders in the 1850 Census
Ray Davis Recalls Rough and Ready of the Past
Simmy Court House Records
Simmy and Associated Colored Family Vital Records
Salem Church Photo
Knorr Family Heritage
John H. Knorr Land
A Winter Market Day
Interview with Willard and Joyce Kahler of Old State Road, Rough and Ready, Pa.
Klinger Farms, Rough and Ready, Pa.
Picture Gallery
PA German Fraktur, including a hand drawn, Riderless Horse and a handwritten German Script Prayer
Appendix 1: Researching Economic Life in the Mahantango Valley: A 19th Century Pennsylvania German Community
Appendix 3: 1850 Census UPPER MAHANTANGO TWP., SCHUYLKILL CO. Heads of Households
Appendix 4: 1850 Census UPPER MAHANTANGO TWP., SCHUYLKILL CO. Most Common Surnames


Keystone Tombstones Civil War (with Joe Farrell and Joe Farley)

Pennsylvania is rich in Civil War history. Gettysburg was the climactic battle of the war, and many of the Keystone State’s citizens were involved, whether as common soldiers, officers, politicians or citizens. This special edition of the Keystone Tombstones series focuses on those persons interred in Pennsylvania who played an interesting role in the Civil War. Farrell, Knorr and Farley have combed the Keystone State to bring you most interesting tales about the Civil War participants buried in Pennsylvania. Included in the volume:

  • Gettysburg National Cemetery
  • John W. Geary
  • Galusha Pennypacker
  • Strong Vincent
  •  Amos Humiston
  • US Colored Troops
  • St. Clair Augustine Mulholland
  • Andrew G. Curtin
  • John L. Burns
  • Propsect Hill Cemetery
  • Dennis O’Kane
  • Charles H. Van Wyck
  • Ginnie Wade
  • George G. Meade
  • Winfield S. Hancock
  • Henry C. Pleasants
  • Gettysburg Generals
  • Samuel W. Crawford
  • Samuel K. Zook
  • Thomas L. Kane
  • John Fulton Reynolds
  • Oliver B. Knowles
  • John F. Hartranft
  • Alfred L. Pearsons
  • James Buchanan
  • Ulric Dahlgren
  • Herman Haupt
  • Rebels Among Us
  • Thaddeus Stevens
  • John C. Pemberton
  • Jay Cooke
  • Medal of Honor Recipients
  • Simon Cameron
  • General Controversy
  • Lafayette C. Baker


Keystone Tombstones Philadelphia Region (with Joe Farrell and Joe Farley)

Biographies of famous people buried in the Philadelphia Region are the focus of this first localized edition of the Keystone Tombstones. Farrell and Farley have combed the Philadelphia area to bring you the most entertaining tales about interesting people buried in Pennsylvania. Included in this volume:

Bucks County

  • Pearl Buck
  • Saint Katherine Drexel
  • Tom Gola

Chester County

  • Smedley Butler
  • Jim Croce

Delaware County

  • Marian Anderson
  • Paul Arizin
  • John McDermott
  • Herman Webster Mudgett aka Dr. Henry H. Holmes
  • Danny Murtaugh
  • Philadelphia Sinners
  • Bessie Smith
  • Anthony Wayne

Montgomery County

  • Alan Ameche
  • Richie Ashburn
  • Lafayette C. Baker
  • De Bonneville “Bert” Bell
  • Jay Cooke
  • Dave Garroway
  • Winfield Scott Hancock
  • John Hartranft
  • Herman Haupt
  • Teddy Pendergrass
  • Arlen Specter
  • Grover Washington Jr.
  • Harry Wright
  • Samuel K. Zook

Philadelphia County

  • William (Willie) Law Anderson
  • John Barrymore
  • Ulric Dahlgren
  • Four Founders
  • Samuel W. Crawford
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Joe Frazier
  • General Controversy
  • Franklin Gowen
  • Harry Norbert Kalas
  • Oliver B. Knowles
  • Connie Mack
  • George Meade
  • Robert Morris & James Wilson
  • St. Clair Augustine Mulholland
  • Saint John Newman
  • Dennis O’Kane
  • John C. Pemberton
  • Galusha Pennypacker
  • Frank Rizzo
  • Bill Tilden
  • John Wanamaker


Keystone Tombstones Anthracite Region (with Joe Farrell and Joe Farley)

Biographies of famous people buried in the Anthracite Region are the focus of this localized edition of the Keystone Tombstones. Farrell and Farley have combed Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Coal Region to bring you the most entertaining tales about interesting people buried in Pennsylvania. Included in this volume:

Carbon County

  • Jim Thorpe

Columbia County

  • Nick Adams

Lackawanna County

  • James Crowley – Half the Horsemen
  • Robert Casey

Luzerne County

  • Congressman Dan Flood
  • Mary Jo Kopechne
  • The Lattimer Massacre

Monroe County

  • Fred Waring

Northampton County

  • Jayne Mansfield
  • George Taylor

Pike County

  • Zane Grey
  • Mary Pinchot Meyer
  • Gifford Pinchot
  • Charles Henry Van Wyck

Schuylkill County

  • Jack Daubert
  • Jimmy Dorsey
  • Black Jack Kehoe – The Molly Maguires
  • The Kelayres Massacre
  • Henry C. Pleasants


Keystone Tombstones Susquehanna Valley (with Joe Farrell and Joe Farley)

Biographies of famous people buried in the Greater Susquehanna Valley Region are the focus of this localized edition of the Keystone Tombstones. Farrell and Farley have combed Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania to bring you the most entertaining tales about interesting people buried in Pennsylvania. Included in this volume:

Adams County

  • John Burns
  • Gettysburg National Cemetery
  • Amos Humiston
  • Eddie Plank
  • Ginnie Wade

Berks County

  • Joe Toys
  • John Updike

Cumberland County

  • Babes in the Woods
  • Lincoln Colored Cemetery
  • Molly Pitcher

Centre County

  • Andrew Gregg Curtin
  • Joe Paterno

Dauphin County

  • Simon Cameron
  • John White Geary
  • Milton Hershey
  • Vance Criswell McCormick

Franklin County

  • Nellie Fox

Lancaster County

  • James Buchanan
  • Robert Hess
  • Thomas Mifflin
  • John Fulton Reynolds
  • Thaddeus Stevens
  • General John Sutter
  • Dick Winters
  • Zion Hill Cemetery

Lycoming County

  • Carl Stotz

Perry County

  • Billie Cox

Union County

  • Christy Mathewson

York County

  • William Franklin
  • Philip Livingston

Hershey cover_small

The Relations of Milton Snavely Hershey

Hershey had no heirs, but he had plenty of cousins. If you are descended from Mennonite or Pennsylvania German roots, there is a very goodchance you may be connected. This book details the ancestry of Milton Hershey and nearly 10,000 relations spanning the 1300’s in Switzerland to the present day USA.


Ancestry of Milton Hershey – (1857 – 1945) including numerous Swiss ancestors from the 1500’s and 1600’s.

Photos of Milton Hershey and relations.

The Strange Death of David Ober in the B&O Train Wreck at Republic, Ohio, Jan. 4 1887.

Photos of Hackman family members, including Andrew Baer Hackman.

Descendents of Hans Stouffer (circa 1500) which includes family pages of the Stauffer, Hershey, Ober, Shank, Hackman, Hostetter & allied families. (1734 listings)

Descendents of Georg Weber (circa 1578) which includes family pages of the Weber, Herr, Baumann, Kendig, Barr, Meyer, Mumma, Brubaker, Snavely & allied families. (577 listings)

Interesting Notes on the Kin of Milton Hershey.

Kinship Report of Milton Hershey, including over 10,000 relations.

Family Names mentioned at least 3 times: Acker, Adams, Agnew, Aguirre, Alexander, Allamong, Allen, Alter, Amidon, Andrew, Annett, Arnold, Arthur, Augsburger, Auker, Bachman, Bacon, Baer, Bair, Baker, Ball, Balsbaugh, Bampton, Bar, Barkey, Barner, Barnes, Barnett, Barr, Barrett, Barricks, Barth, Bassler, Bateman, Batz, Baugher, Bauman, Baumgartner, Beachy, Bear, Bechtel, Begg, Beidler, Bender, Bennett, Benson, Berger, Bernheisel, Bessette, Betzner, Bingaman, Binkley, Bitner, Bitzer, Blehm, Bogdonoff, Bolender, Bollinger, Bomberger, Bonham, Borton, Bowers, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Boyle, Brackbill, Brandt, Brechbill, Breneman, Brenneman, Brenner, Briggs, Bright, Brooks, Brower, Brown, Brubacher, Brubaker, Brunk, Bucher, Buck, Buckwalter, Bucove, Burkheart, Burkholder, Burns, Burrier, Buzzard, Byers, Campbell, Cartier, Carvell, Cassel, Choflet, Cochran, Collard, Conrad, Cook, Cooke, Cooley, Cooper, Cornelius, Coughen, Crantson, Crouse, Crouthamel, Cruce, Cummings, Cunningham, Dafoe, Daman, Daniels, Danson, Davis, Deihl, Delgado, Denlinger, DePalmo. Devlin, Dice, Diehl, Dohner, Dolan, Donaldson, Duncan, Dunham, Dupuy, Eaken, Eberly, Ebersole, Eby, Eckels, Edworthy, Ellis, Engle, Erb, Erisman, Ernst, Eshelman, Eshleman, Evans, Everett, Eyer, Farmer, Farner, Feeser, Ferree, Fink, Fisher, Fleming, Flickinger, Foot, Forsythe, Fortini, Fountain, Fox, Frantz, Freshley, Frick, Friedel, Fritz, Frost, Fultz, Funk, Gallagher, Games, Gardner, Gates, Gay, Gearhart, Gehman, Geib, George, Gerhardt, Gerlach, Gibbins, Gilbert, Gill, Gingrich, Glancey, Glass, Glick, Gockley, Good, Goodhart, Gordley, Gring, Grace, Graeff, Grant, Gray, Graybill, Greider, Greiner, Griffen, Griffith, Grimes, Groff, Grossman, Grove, Grube, Gruber, Gruen, Guthrie, Habecker, Hackman, Haggert, Hahn, Haldeman, Hall, Hamilton, Hansford, Hardgrove, Hardy, Harley, Harnish, Harper, Harrington, Harrison, Harter, Hartigan, Hawk, Hawkins, Haynes, Heavyside, Heestand, Heimbach, Heistand, Hendrix, Henry, Hepler, Hernley, Herr, Hershey, Hertzler, Hess, Hewes, Hewlett, Hiestand, High, Higley. Hinton, Hippensteel, Hiscox, Hitchcock, Hofer, Hoffman, Hoffstetter, Hollinger, Hoover, Hopkins, Horning, Horst, Hostetter, Houser, Howe, Hrovatic, Huber, Hubert, Huges, Hunsicker, Hunter, Hursh, Hurst, Ickes, Imler, Isaacs, Isenschmid, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Kail, Kalbach, Kauffman, Keagy, Keister, Kendall, Kendig, Kertes, Kettering, Kibler, Kilmer, Kinzer, Kitch, Kitchen, Kline, Knapp, Knight, Knoll, Knorr, Knox, Knupp, Kolb, Krause, Kreider, Kundig, Kurtz, Lackey, Landes, Landis, Lane, Langsdale, Lapp, Latscher, Lauver, Lavender, Learn, Lee, Lefever, LeFevre, LeGron, Lehman, Lesher, Level, Lewis, Lichty, Light, Lightbody, Line, Livengood, Livingston, Long, Longenecker, Loose, Lucenti, Lutz, Macleod, Maples, Markley, Marlow, Martig, Martin, Mayer, McDowell, McKain, McKitrick, McLeod, Meaker, Mellinger, Mengel, Mercer, Metzler, Meyer, Miller, Minagay, Mitten, Mohler, Mohr, Moore, Morgan, Mornhengwieg, Morris, Mosemann, Mount, Mountz, Moyer, Mumma, Mummah, Murison, Murphy, Murray, Murrell, Musselman, Musser, Mutch, Myers, Mylin, Neff, Neidig, Newcomer, Newell, Newswanger, Nickey, Nigh, Nissley, Nolt, Novak, Ober, Oberholtzer, Oliver, Orsbirn, Osborn, Palmer, Pancake, Parker, Parsons, Partridge, Patterson, Paul, Peachey, Pearsol, Penner, Pennock, Pentz, Peters, Pfaltzgraff, Pickens, Pike, Planchock, Popa, Porter, Powder, Powell, Price, Prickett, Printz, Pullin, Rabold, Ranck, Randall, Ray, Raymer, Reese, Reesor, Reiff, Reist, Reiter, Rhoads, Rhodes, Richardson, Rill, Rinehart, Risser, Ritter, Robertson, Rockwell, Rodgers, Rohrer, Root, Royer, Rudy, Ruff, Rupp, Russell, Rutherford, Rutt, Sager, Salisbury, Salter, Sanor, Santee, Sauder, Schell, Schenk, Schnebele, Schneider, Schuyler, Scott, Seachrist, Seibert, Sensenig, Shackleton, Shank, Shanks, Sharick, Sharpe, Sheaffer, Shelly, Shenk, Sherk, Shertzer, Shirk, Shirley, Shively, Shope, Shore, Shreiner, Shultz, Shutt, Siegrist, Silver, Skiles, Sluss, Smith, Snavely, Sneltzer, Snyder, Soper, Stackhouse, Starr, Stauffer, Steffy, Stengel, Stevens, Stiffler, Stoffer, Stoll, Stoner, Stouffer, Strickler, Strite, Stroup, Stuart, Stutt, Summers, Summy, Sweigart, Taylor, Tedford, Thomas, Thompson, Todd, Tolman, Tompkins, Tritt, Trump, Turner, Tyner, Uihlein, Vanasco, Vansickle, Wagner, Wagoner, Walker, Wall, Wanner, Ward, Weaver, Webb, Weber, Weisel, Wenger, West, Westover, White, Whyle, Wiancko, Wideman, Wilk, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wissler, Witmer, Witwer, Wolf, Wolff, Wood, Woods, Wyss, Yaggi, Yoder, Young, Zeiset, Ziegler, Zimmerman & Zook.

All told – over 10,000 relations are mentioned (twice as many as the 2nd edition) – including a substantial Kinship Report and complete Index. Many of the prominent Mennonite families of Lancaster, Lebanon & Dauphin Counties are represented. This is a wonderful Pennsylvania Dutch genealogy.

Place names mentioned include Lancaster County, Dauphin County, Lebanon County, York County, Hershey, Palmyra, Middletown, Hummelstown, Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, Highspire, Elizabethtown, Lampeter, Hempfield, Pequea, Reading, Warwick, Rapho, Lititz, Manheim, Conestoga, Earl, Londonderry, Manor, Donegal and many more…

For Lawrence’s Author’s page on Amazon, please see:


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