Key “Lincoln” movie character Thaddeus Stevens buried in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster, PA — Thaddeus Stevens, the abolitionist played by Tommy Lee Jones in the Steven Spielberg movie “Lincoln”, is buried in Lancaster, Pennsylvania at Shreiner’s Cemetery also known as Concord Cemetery at the corner of North Mulberry and West Chestnut Streets in the city.

Stevens (1792-1868) was a key figure in convincing Abraham Lincoln to free the slaves and helped push through the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution to abolish slavery.

Details about the life of Thaddeus Stevens can be found in the new book by Joe Farrell and Joe Farley entitled “Keystone Tombstones Volume Two” recently released by Sunbury Press, Inc. of Mechanicsburg, PA.

Farrell and Farley’s books cover famous dead people found in Pennsylvania, including many interesting stories about them — many not widely known.  The pair have also located the cemetery locations of these notables.  Following is a list of famous Civil War era people found in the volumes:

“Keystone Tombstones Volume One”:

James Buchanan “Pennsylvania’s Only President”
John Burns “The Hero of Gettysburg”
Simon Cameron “Pennsylvania’s Political Kingmaker”
John White Geary “An American Success Story Few Have Heard”
Lincoln Colored Cemetery “Gone But Not Forgotten”
George Meade “The Old Snapping Turtle”
General John Fulton Reynolds “A True American Hero”
Ginnie Wade “A Tragic Love Story”

“Keystone Tombstones Volume Two”:

Winfield Scott Hancock “Hancock the Superb”
Thaddeus Stevens “The Dictator of Congress”

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Lawrence Knorr elected to the board of the MidAtlantic Book Publishers Association (MBPA)

From MBPA:

Election Results for 2013 Transitional Board of Directors

For the first time ever, we had a surplus of candidates for open board positions, and the results are in! Your new 2013 Board of Directors includes:

Bill Holland – Windmill Books Ltd.
Lawrence Knorr – Sunbury Press, Inc.
Erika Liodice – Dreamspire Press, LLC
Rita Lucas – Jus’ Soul Press, LLC
Beverly Richardson  – DreaMerchant Press

The first four are our newly elected members, and we know continuing member Beverly Richardson will leverage her considerable background in organizational effectiveness and her experience for the last year on the current board to help bring them up to speed. When the new board is officially seated in January, their first order of business will be to elect from among themselves the four Corporate Officers — president, vice president, treasurer and secretary — with the fifth person serving as Director At Large.

MBPA is a professional trade community of independent publishers located in the MidAtlantic area. We welcome all independent and self-publishers, along with authors considering becoming independent publishers, in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Washington, DC.

We are a regional affiliate of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), the largest non-profit trade association representing independent publishers.